The writing drives and thinks

The writing drives and thinks (3)
High Qian is under my encouragement, have preferred reading since childhood. Reading can inspire and think, however, it was writing that inspired higher level to think. Encourage children from the little writing, and use writing to bring along and think, train children to have a method to think, move to maturity independently while as a child. Famous literature reviewer old auspicious Ms. Lin residing in American has written <>>(See the appendix ),Can find out, child carries on independent observation and thinking from this book review, what abundant harvest and deep experience can be got.
In the child's writing, parents needn't already make indiscreet remarks too much, don't be indifferent either. The ones that face the child " The new thought " With " talk nonsense " Want calm, can't connive at, exaggerate overly, can't knock somebody down at one stroke either, go on to them inculcating with type " the thought is guided " ,Or ghost clear-cutly for the child, revise adding and deleting for them. Must let article that them write very positive and negative to mirror one's own thought, become themselves observe the result studied. Parents can carry on the equal discussion with them. Should see thought of parents can because of receive era background and personal of various fields restriction of factor and have limitation too.
Regard encouraging the writing as, train child go on a method that observe, think, analyze and criticize to various social phenomenon and thing, except can improve emotion training of the thought and characters and express competence greatly, can also strengthen the logical thinking and thinking ability of the image.
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inferior clan murderer

Section 21 General inferior clan murderer (1)
Meeting-place have left, have several people, details of the case analyze, can expire for a long time, chief probably meaning in summary speech

in adult, encourage everybody to be disheartened to continue to make great efforts just. He is taken as the public affair of head of a office busily,

certainly will not sit here consuming time.
The chief takes the lead to slip away, the captain follows it closely thereafter. He one fast pensioner old policeman, confused head have at this

time even if good thing, nobody expects him to help to analyse and explain the mystry of figure which the murderer leave.
The captain leaves before leaving, does not analyse and explain that group of figures today, everyone does not have a meal in the evening.
Words say criminal investigation team the place, there is something special to happen at any time so, people in the whole team dawdle in here,

criminal of the whole city that want, know, certainly happy to overturn the heavens.
Someone find an excuse, leave successively, they wash song Qin show apologetic expression without exception leave:
"Brother Qin, look, have no way, emergency, must rush to deal with. "
Wave tolerantly, can be regarded as the understanding of them in Qin song. Analyse and explain such a thing of the password and depend on

intelligence, does not matter with people many people little. These people leave and have no uses too, it would be better to catch two thieves to

capture two hooligans and do some proper business.
Time live quickly, dusk pour into meeting room gradually, song Qin suddenly wake up to look around from the state of mind, see that only has

him left alone in the empty and hollow meeting room.
The paper in front of him has been already close and numerous and is fill-uped by some strokes of a Chinese character in a mess, song Qin stare

at two, even oneself understand what does it draw above.
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in the morning and drum in the evening

The 14th type: Handmade Bracelets Bell in the morning and drum in the evening (2)
The brain has very great inertia, when we are not good at cutting off the inertia of it, often have a lot of unnecessary extraneous expense.
Demarcation line that should be good at drawing a clear work and having a rest.
The work is over, job-hop clear-cutly and agily, should form a habit.
The Beaded Bracelets sixth, delete the trouble.
If there are a lot of troubles in the daytime, might as well wash the brain by evening.
Think, have what thing in worried you, write worried first first at the paper first. For example, some thing is dealt with improperly, a little depressed. , such as, the discord take place with the colleague again. , such as, higher authorities are discontended with some jobs of yours again. It also may be some very trifling problems, the car has been cut and rubed, the stomach is uncomfortable, and so on.
All things are the thing, but all troubles are a little surplus.
Write, want, row pieces of * on being worried in every ruthlessly, tear the paper to shreds, throw away to the paper basket: Get away with you!
This will make the trouble remove more than half of.
Speaking from the psychology, this is a kind of desensitizing law too.
The seventh, change one's own habit term.
Observe social life, we find, successful person and person failing in life in life, often have completely different habit terms. The person that those things become to some extent, used to terms often: It is pretty good! No problem! I come to try every possible means! Can unquestionably succeed! The loser is often opposite those life, they are used to saying: Too terrible! Have bored much! Too angry! Good grief!
Must not neglect this to set against, correspond to.
It is the natural revealment of the personality to be used to terms, flash in the twinkling of an eye of the state.
One's own benign hint that the good habit term often gives, give the other side the encouragement unconsciously again.
Hope what the friends scrutinize one's own habit term.
If you are saying every day that too terrible, make people extremely angry, has bored much, might as well then click changing.
Change, Heart Necklace stand up very easy, get instant result after changing, the result is obvious, why not do it?
The eighth, eat rationally, sleep rationally, work and have a rest rationally.
All people of this reason know, can suit measures to local conditions and click adjusting with conditions.
To most people, it is gold rules to eat and do exercises more few.
The above-mentioned eight behaviors are very simple, the friends can begin to do tomorrow:
First, go out and smile;
Second, have reached and appreciated oneself in the work;
Third, appreciate others too;
Fourth, meet the victory and become reconciled the thing is celebrated;
Fifth, cut off working logic after come off duty, job-hop and have a rest;
Sixth, nothing worried to write one wash singly, tear it evening;
Seventh, change and is used to terms;
Eighth, eat and temper more few, work and have a rest rationally.
The Beaded Necklaces 14th type of soul Taiji " Bell in the morning and drum in the evening " Operation main point, embedding law.
Its another another name is naturally: Eight pieces of daily gold.
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