in the morning and drum in the evening

The 14th type: Handmade Bracelets Bell in the morning and drum in the evening (2)
The brain has very great inertia, when we are not good at cutting off the inertia of it, often have a lot of unnecessary extraneous expense.
Demarcation line that should be good at drawing a clear work and having a rest.
The work is over, job-hop clear-cutly and agily, should form a habit.
The Beaded Bracelets sixth, delete the trouble.
If there are a lot of troubles in the daytime, might as well wash the brain by evening.
Think, have what thing in worried you, write worried first first at the paper first. For example, some thing is dealt with improperly, a little depressed. , such as, the discord take place with the colleague again. , such as, higher authorities are discontended with some jobs of yours again. It also may be some very trifling problems, the car has been cut and rubed, the stomach is uncomfortable, and so on.
All things are the thing, but all troubles are a little surplus.
Write, want, row pieces of * on being worried in every ruthlessly, tear the paper to shreds, throw away to the paper basket: Get away with you!
This will make the trouble remove more than half of.
Speaking from the psychology, this is a kind of desensitizing law too.
The seventh, change one's own habit term.
Observe social life, we find, successful person and person failing in life in life, often have completely different habit terms. The person that those things become to some extent, used to terms often: It is pretty good! No problem! I come to try every possible means! Can unquestionably succeed! The loser is often opposite those life, they are used to saying: Too terrible! Have bored much! Too angry! Good grief!
Must not neglect this to set against, correspond to.
It is the natural revealment of the personality to be used to terms, flash in the twinkling of an eye of the state.
One's own benign hint that the good habit term often gives, give the other side the encouragement unconsciously again.
Hope what the friends scrutinize one's own habit term.
If you are saying every day that too terrible, make people extremely angry, has bored much, might as well then click changing.
Change, Heart Necklace stand up very easy, get instant result after changing, the result is obvious, why not do it?
The eighth, eat rationally, sleep rationally, work and have a rest rationally.
All people of this reason know, can suit measures to local conditions and click adjusting with conditions.
To most people, it is gold rules to eat and do exercises more few.
The above-mentioned eight behaviors are very simple, the friends can begin to do tomorrow:
First, go out and smile;
Second, have reached and appreciated oneself in the work;
Third, appreciate others too;
Fourth, meet the victory and become reconciled the thing is celebrated;
Fifth, cut off working logic after come off duty, job-hop and have a rest;
Sixth, nothing worried to write one wash singly, tear it evening;
Seventh, change and is used to terms;
Eighth, eat and temper more few, work and have a rest rationally.
The Beaded Necklaces 14th type of soul Taiji " Bell in the morning and drum in the evening " Operation main point, embedding law.
Its another another name is naturally: Eight pieces of daily gold.
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Get and have a rest

The 14th type: Beaded Necklaces Bell in the morning and drum in the evening (1)
Firm " job-hop " Get and have a rest
The 12th type " Four major initial approaches to become a Buddhist believer " Tell we, " behavior " Know and adjust our mood effectively to reduce pressure.
We would say now, " systematic behavior " Will adjust our state and even change our personality more effectively.
A friend engaged in company's management tells me, his greatest trouble is irritable, because the irritability has been eaten these years manily and lost. Speak, walk, handle affairs and all present an urgent word. He has read a lot of books, has heard much sincere advice too, but can not overcome the irritable trouble all the time. He says, either without method, the method is numerous, or wonder how to start.
I tell him: While working and resting every day in embedding.
What meaning does he ask?
I say: Do you get up every morning? It is then you it open at every day pieces of scroll will be hung to wall where eyes face,at write by word " slowly make half " of three pieces ,In this way, have not missed oneself briefing from the beginning of one day on. Then, you should brush teeth after getting up in the morning, you brush teeth patiently for three minutes according to the present dentistry hygienic requirements, in this way, have rubed your temper. Then, do you want to go out and go to work? From today, you stipulate you walk with calm paces. Then, you come to the office, there should be a sentence of words that briefed on oneself on the desk, write, at the desk calendar, or the computer rejects. Under its suggestion, the first procedure that you begin to go to work.
Several or a dozen procedures inlay in working and resting every day, everything has been implemented.
A few days later, this young man tells me cheerfully, " imbed the law " Have solved the big problem.
In this way, we introduce the 14th type of soul Taiji naturally, " bell in the morning and drum in the evening " .
We know ancient spend morning clock beginning that notice work one day, use dusk drum end that notice worked in one day. The ones that bell in the morning and drum in the evening wake up and show function to well imagine.
If will bell in the morning and drum in the evening in the same way, Heart Necklace will become our embedding law.
If we want to guarantee oneself is the good state every day, and mould oneself again, one of the simplest and effectivest methods is in the life day by day " Imbed " Some behavioral procedures.
These will guide us on time as belling in the morning and drumming in the evening while having procedures which warn function to imbed every day to work and rest, make us want to adjust the self- kindhearted hope to get " The system " Assurance.
We designed " Bell in the morning and drum in the evening " The behavioral procedure is also called " Eight of daily gold " ,It imbed we every day it must in not working and resting:
First, smile and go out.
Smiling advantage people all know a bit, the in fact smiling meaning is usually understood more than people far: It can make your body and mind relax to smile; It can make you and peripheral interpersonal relationships lax to smile; It benefits communicating in the social activity to smile; And so on.
It is mankind's characterized intelligence expression to smile.
When we should run through the smiling rule in life while talking, you will certainly not object to it. However, come up and require " runs through " May do instead, people smile, handle affairs everywhere when being learn quickly.
Then, smile and go out at first, is facing toward the mirror oneself and smile before going out in the morning. Go out, catch the first one the first two men and women, old and young smile, treat, regard as task of overfulfilling. If came to the unit, had not forgotten to smile to the colleague, overfulfilled the task even more.
Smile and go out, there is good beginning.
Second, appreciate oneself every day.
It is appreciated that people need, it is very difficult to grow up talents in lacking the environment that is appreciated.
It is impossible for us to have more appreciating to oneself to impose the environment, but can increase and appreciate more oneself a bit.
Need Beaded Bracelets casual empty talk definitely, that implement while being very much difficult.
Form a habit very briefly: Finish a thing and appreciate oneself each time: Oh, do pretty good, very competently, very the talent. No matter finish a procedure on the computer, a business that conclude, organize a meeting well, write next to plan text, may praise oneself.
This habit has been formed a few days.
Third, appreciate that praises others.
To neighbours' child, it is very clever that can praise one sentence. Discuss work, can say you very much sophisticated in these methodding with colleague. Can say, your mental attitude infects people very much while negotiating in the face of the customer. Do not especially appreciate it omitting as much as possible while having excellent behavior to run into the colleague.
This is a priceless good habit.
Appreciate not only others not merely help to network, but also the good interpersonal relationships in the place, the very important one adjusts one's own state.
Succeed, the healthy, tolerant person could appreciate others.
Conversely, appreciate others make again and is in succeeding, the healthy, tolerant state by oneself.
Fourth, does not forget to celebrate every victory.
Volleyball athletes have won the match on the field, will touch hands in order to show and celebrate each other. The football player has scored a goals, the persons who score will hold both arms high and do the victory posture. This is celebrating with a win.
It is a kind of very good behavioral habit to celebrate with a win.
No matter at home, or should be all good at celebrating one's own victory in the companies, celebrate everybody's victory.
Do not forget the person who celebrate with a win, it is often a healthy optimistic apt person who obtain the chance.
The fifth, come off duty and " job-hop " ,Mean that jumps to to have a rest the work here.
A lot of people can hover, work in head often come off duty, except a essential one work extra shifts or extra hours and consider, a lot are unnecessary care. Can put down, become the important Handmade Bracelets reason why a lot of people lose quality of having a rest.
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